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Guarding Services
Guarding services are extended with highly trained & motivated security personnel, well versed with Emergency Procedures i.e., Bomb threats, Fire, Evacuation/ Mock Drills, Flood, Intrusion etc.
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Visitor Management
  • Key Management
  • Material Management
  • Site physical security
  • Vehicle search
  • Site specific post and site duties
Electronic Security operation and Monitoring
Our Staff is fully trained to monitor/ operate all security systems deployed at to include:
  • CCTV
  • Access Control.
  • Fire Detection System
  • Fire Suppression System
Threat and Risk Migration
We have empanelled security advisers/consultants on board for security due diligence of a client sites, if required
  • Risk and Threat Analysis
  • Site Security Survey for new location

Manpower Outsourcing
  1. Multi-skilled workforce
  2. Flexible contract format tailor made for specific needs
Management of Security Services
Growing Security Services Pvt. Ltd. provides total security solutions. We employ security personnel specialized in armed / unarmed protection, escort duties, VIP cover, special security guards, fire audit, fire drills, security audit checks and training. The entire property would be evaluated, based on the security requirements; a specific security system would be outlined, covering the following aspects:
  • Deployment of required Security Staff
  • Monitoring vehicle movement
  • Monitoring vehicle parking /management systems
  • Enforcement of discipline and reporting structure
  • Managing Fire fighting systems in emergencies
  • Management of Access control systems
  • Liaison with local police authorities
Management of Fire Systems
Growing Security Services staff is well trained and equipped to deal in emergency situations. Safety drills and fire fighting training programs are conducted for Security personnel as well as other staff.
  • Checking and reporting on the health of fire detectors and alarms
  • Checking health of fire pumps and engines checking the water position / condition of fire water tanks
  • Checking the health of various fire extinguishers and advising refilling etc
Scope of Work

Daily shift wise fall-in of security manpower at site.

  • Daily turn-out checking
  • Issuance of any special instructions
  • Random day and night checks for security services to ensure alertness and smooth operations.
  • Periodic training modules to sensitize security personnel on latest security trends to strive for zero loss/pilferages
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting training.
  • Maintaining of site registers:
    • Visitor register
    • Material Management register
    • Key Management register
    • Incident register
    • Site attendance register
    • Training register
    • Duty handing/taking-over register
    • Fire equipment checking register
    • Lost and Found Register.
Our Services
Guarding Services Electronic Security Operation and Monitoring Threat and Risk Migration Manpower Outsourcing Management of Security Services Management of Fire Systems Scope of Work
Our Vision
To provide professional and process oriented services for maximized effectiveness at a great value. No compromise on quality standards to ensure long term client relationship.